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Implement the Right Solution at the Right Time

We configure existing software products to solve your problems without disruption to your operation.

About TPI-3

The Power of Inspiration, Imagination & Insight

Ideas come from somewhere.

Before there was something, or even a possibility for something, there was an idea, a "spark". That initial spark - to create something out of nothing - came from an inspiration, or an image formed only in a person's mind, or an insight that you drew from your own observations or experiences, or were able to draw out from others.

To innovate, or iterate, or set out to continually improve, these are all sound and beneficial objectives. However, it takes more than processes and practices to make transformative things happen - it starts with the spark of new ideas, that then get turned into new processes, new products and new ways of building your business.  

At TPI-3, we help you come up with new ideas and develop them to gain the initial traction you need, to see those ideas take your business to where only you dare imagine it can be. 

Paul Hogendoorn

Co-Founder & Lead Consultant

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Paul Hogendoorn has been working in the manufacturing sector for 40 years, having started and built two of his own companies. He has worked with over 200 manufacturers all over the world, ranging in size from 5 people to 10's of thousands, helping create effective solutions on the plant floor, in the front office, and in the corporate office. Paul was a technology developer and a business builder, and is now a coach, a strategic thinker, a communicator and a mentor - from the shop floor to the top floor. 

Josh has been building operational and logistical solutions in startups for 5 years where time was a valuable resource and budgets were low. With these constraints, he learned how to become a creative problem solver and build systems with the tools he had at his disposal. From building dashboards to tools that automate complex tasks he's been able to assemble exactly what his team needs.

Josh Redgrift

Co-Founder & Solutioneer

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