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Instant Awareness Dashboards

We'll create a simple but effective Excel-like dashboard that can integrate into your system to automatically display where you are with every job

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Customize and Integrate an Automated Dashboard for

Instant Awareness

Instantly get an understanding of each active job on your plant floor so nothing is left for ambiguity. This easy-to-understand table format is designed to be fully flexible for your operations. Each job is a row in this table and as waypoints are marked as complete, the statuses will update to "Done" or "Done Late" depending on the due date. If a waypoint is past due, it will be marked as "Late" and subsequent waypoints will be marked as "At Risk". You can define your waypoints along the top and we can fully integrate an automated way to mark each waypoint as completed.

Our Process

Define Your Job Process

Before we can integrate the dashboard into your company, we must understand each waypoint for the entire timeline of each job.
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Build the Dashboard Layout

Now we can build the dashboard with the correct waypoints and customize it to display the right information to the right people.

Integrate with Your Software

Now, all that's left is to build a solution to mark each waypoint as completed. This might be a simple form or app on your phone, or it might be integrating with your current tech stack to automatically mark each waypoint as completed.

A Success Story

How it Started

When our first Dashboard customer approached us, they had no central hub to communicate progress on their jobs and they were constantly letting things slip through the cracks which contributed to longer-than-necessary job completion times.

What We Did

We built the dashboard at the top of this page to display each job status on each waypoint. They were able to display the dashboard on TVs placed around the plant floor. We also created different views with filtered data for the different responsibilities across the facility. This way everyone knew about each stage of the jobs they were responsible for.

The Outcomes

With this tool facilitating communication about all jobs, everyone understood which jobs they were responsible for and no longer had to rely on memory to know what had to be done and in what order. This resulted in fewer tasks slipping through the cracks and shorter job times.
At the Office

This is exactly what is needed to give everyone on the plant floor an instant understanding of where every project is and who is currently responsible for getting the job to the next stage."

Black Belt Consultant Specializing in Project-Based Manufacturing

In order to protect the privacy and sensitivity of our clients and their projects, we do not post details on our website but would be happy to share them with you on a one-on-one call or Zoom meeting.

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