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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

A new adventure in motoring. Winston Churchill once said "those that don't remember the past are condemned to relive it" - a particularly critical quote for these times. However, when we don't take time to relive past times when we get the opportunity, we often miss out on something special. Today, I'm driving a car that

my father in law spent 25 years dreaming about and looking for, and then 10 years refurbishing before spending 35 years driving it all over the east coast. Cars in those times were not just vehicles that took us places, they were vehicles that took us on journeys and adventures, and working on them was half the fun.

This car has no heater, no signal lights, no fuel gauge (other than a dip stick), and nothing automatic (or even assured to work when you need it to!) But, what it does have is character and a life time of memories built into it, that I can draw out of every sunny day I choose to take it for a ride.

Its good to remember the past - both for the lessons we learn from it, as well as from the appreciation and thankfulness we can gain from it.

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