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Updated: May 11

Manufacturers don’t talk about things like “reshoring”, "digitization" or "technology adoption", industry analysts, experts, politicians and journalists do. Manufacturers just “do” – they build, they make, they decide, they deliver. Their actions don’t speak for themselves, their outcomes do.

When a manufacturing company decides to put a plant in North America, they are not doing it because reshoring it is the new trend that they are following, they do it because it makes sense and is the best way to improve their product, their bottom line, and their ability to meet the expectations of their customers. Its how they approach and solve every new challenge; they are directly answerable to their customers – they don’t get a penny until they deliver a finished product, and they don’t make a sale unless they have the product that meets their customers specific requirements the best at a competitive price. They are scrutinized and analyzed daily; a “pass” is when the customer chooses their product and they deliver it, and a “fail” is when they don’t.

Don’t you wish other sectors of our society delivered “the goods” as well as the manufacturing sector does? Can you imagine if governments (and other institutions and public sectors) did so too? And what about journalism and media? What if they were measured and analyzed on the quality of their product, or, what if they actually provided an objective view of our governments and institutions so we could properly scrutinize and measure the products or outcomes they deliver?

That’s why I love the manufacturing sector. No BS, no fancy terminology to confuse, confound or dazzle, no excuses, and no fuzzy promises that are never delivered. Manufacturers deliver the goods, day in and day out, without all the rest of that stuff.

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